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Argos is a monitoring system that utilizes Windows Workflow Foundation to monitor other systems and applications, and to report any failures in those.

Argos is built up of the following components.


A target is an application, system, computer or other software or equipment that needs to be monitored and can be monitored programmatically.

Target Monitoring Workflow(s)

A target monitoring workflow (or monitor for short) is a state machine workflow that is used to monitor a target with. Each target will have no more than one workflow instance running at a time.


A test is an activity that the target monitoring workflow uses to test the target with. If the test activity executes without exception, the target monitoring workflow assumes that the test has passed and that the target is in the expected state. If the execution of the test activity causes any exception or terminates, the target monitoring workflow assumes that the test fails.

Since a test activity is any activity that inherits from the System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity class, you can for instance use sequential workflows as test activities with Argos.

Workflow Services

Workflow services provide target monitoring workflows with functionality such as sending alerts or executing test activities. Workflow services also provide target monitoring workflows with events such as when to pause, resume, stop or execute a test activity.

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